Sitka, Alaska Boat Rental, Self-Guided Fishing & Vacation Packages

Baranof Island, Sitka, Alaska Fishing Boat Rental

Boat Rentals

We have three boats that can be rented for non-fishing purposes.

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Baranof Island, Sitka, Alaska Self-Guided Fishing

Self-Guided Fishing

Our boats can also be rented for self-guided fishing trips.

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Baranof Island, Sitka, Alaska Fishing and Hotel Packages

Hotel Packages

Packages include transportation from the airport to your hotel, hotel lodging, full use of the boat, and complete fishing supplies.

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Local Catch

Sitka, Alaska Lingcod Fishing


Lingcod are voracious predators and can grow to weigh over 80 pounds.  They be found near any rocky structure and are present year-round.

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Sitka, Alaska Halibut Fishing


Pacific Halibut are the largest flatfish in Family Pleuronectidae and are found in deep waters all over Sitka Sound.  They can be found year-round in Sitka Sound.

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Sitka, Alaska Rockfish Fishing


Rockfish are found near the bottom along rocky structures and kelp beds.  They are present year-round.

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Sitka, Alaska King/Chinook and Coho/Silver Salmon Fishing


King/Chinook Salmon, the largest of all Pacific salmon, are often found around Vitskari Rocks and Biorka Island.  They can be found from May through June.

Coho/Silver Salmon are not as large as King/Chinook Salmon and can be found all throughout Sitka Sound,   They can be found from July through August.

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