August Fishing Report

This August fishing report covers the end of July through Mid-August 2023. Here is the latest out of Sitka. Salmon Fishing continues to be solid and steady in Sitka. King salmon angling remains really productive. Notably, there are some big fish being caught, with 25- to 30 pounders a real possibility. Lots of pinks and chums are still in the ocean, making for good numbers of hookups in general. Coho are here, and are certainly fat and happy. There’s some good sized ones around, and they are growing bigger by the day on [...]

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Mid-Season Fishing Report

Fishing continues to be excellent in Sitka. King salmon fishing has been as good as it has been in the last few decades. Clients are bringing back lots of quality king salmon, with the occasional larger one hitting the dock. With good bait present in the area, primarily sand lance and small herring, salmon numbers remain strong. Salmon Coho salmon have begun to arrive, pretty early by our estimations. A dozen or so were brought in by our boats yesterday. Trolling herring and lures like Silver Horde Coho Killers, both pulled behind flashers, are yielding strong results [...]

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Early 2023 Season

Sitka, Alaska Fishing Report Sitka fishing is heating up. The king salmon season has been good so far, with a couple of 25-pounders having hit the dock recently. Halibut fishing has been excellent. Lingcod opened up mid-May and fishermen are catching these toothy predators. Rockfish angling has been solid so far. King salmon are being caught on both the inside and outside coasts, with fish spread out everywhere and lots of feed. This makes it possible to find fish on windy days when it’s not possible to get to the outside waters. Ocean temperatures are good, and [...]

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