Where to fish in Alaska

Where to fish in Alaska when you want an unguided saltwater trip is a subjective proposition. A strong case can be made that Sitka is an excellent location to consider. Not only will you be able to target king and Coho salmon during the summer months, you also will be able to fish for halibut, lingcod and rockfish. This smorgasbord of species not only ensures exciting fish battles, but also succulent fillets of red and white.

where to fish in AlaskaThings To Consider

When choosing a location for an unguided saltwater trip, you’ll need to consider the boat you will be renting. Alaska waters are cold and unforgiving. Renting a good boat is imperative for safety and success. At Fish Baranof, we rent only high-quality boats with excellent outboard motors and all the gear required for a safe and productive trip. So when choosing a destination where to fish in Alaska, make it a top priority to choose a location where you can rent a quality boat.

Another prime consideration when choosing a location is the length of boat travel to get to fish, and the strength of the local fisheries. In Sitka, we sit on the outer edge of Baranof Island, so anglers can access fish quickly. Being centrally located in southeast Alaska, many runs of west coast salmon travel through our waters. Additionally, the area holds lots of bait, so both salmon and bottomfish have a reason to stay and feed. This adds up to make Sitka a preferred destination where to fish in Alaska.

Visiting Sitka

Sitka offers many amenities for visiting anglers. In addition to local museums and Native cultural attractions, visitors can enjoy restaurants, gift shops and the sights and sounds of our thriving coastal city. With so much to do in Sitka, non-fishing focused visitors can enjoy our city while the anglers among us fill the fish hold. This is yet another reason to choose Sitka when choosing a location for an unguided saltwater trip.

Call us today to reserve one of our boats for 2024. Sitka is ideal to the unguided saltwater angler. Fish Baranof has a fleet of boats well suited for these waters. Considering all the elements above, the answer of where to fish in Alaska for an unguided saltwater trip is Sitka.