Sitka, Alaska, is located halfway up the southeast Alaska panhandle, situated on the west (ocean) side of Baranof Island. This location provides optimum position to access the open waters of the North Pacific and puts anglers right in the middle of the west coast Pacific salmon highway to intercept various salmon stocks that feed in the area and migrate both north and south to their natal waters.

Sitka AlaskaSitka offers a combination of Tlingit, Russian and American culture brought from the settlers in each of these groups. It sits perched between the mountains and the ocean and is home to iconic Alaska wildlife like bald eagles, brown bears, Sitka blacktail deer, all five species of Pacific salmon native to North America, humpback whales and killer whales (orcas).

The area is stunning. Views of Mount Edgecumbe, located on southern Kruzof Island, can be seen from the city on a clear day. The weather is generally considered moderate with relatively cool temperatures and plenty of precipitation.

In addition to great fishing from our private boats, visitors to Sitka can enjoy a variety of experiences including museums, historic sites, cultural locations and performances. Varied restaurants dot the landscape, offering both local seafood and regional cuisine. For those looking to find a treasure to take home from their visit to Sitka, Alaska, there are ample choices for gift shops.

Throughout the year in Sitka, Alaska, visitors and residents enjoy a wide range of events. Festivals, races, performances, conferences, and tournaments dot the sitka alaskacalendar. Other things to do in Sitka include ATV tours, bike tours and rentals, driving tours, flight seeing, golf, hunting, kayak tours and rentals, outdoor equipment and rentals, hiking tours, and wildlife boat tours. There’s a lot to do and see if you have some time after fishing, or for non-fishing members in your group.

Daily flights on Alaska Airlines transport visitors to Sitka. Cruise ships make regulars stops to Sitka, as do the ferries of the Alaska Marine Highway System.