Best Alaska fishing is a designation given to Sitka by many annual saltwater anglers seeking outstanding king, halibut, lingcod, rockfish and silver salmon fishing. Our clients think Fish Baranof brings their guests the best Alaska fishing experience, especially tailored for the experienced angler who wants to captain their own boat, fish their way and take great care in their fish processing. Here are some reviews from our appreciated guests telling why they think Fish Baranof is the best Alaska fishing in Sitka and beyond.

Best Alaska fishing Reviews From Our Customers

Best Alaska fishingThere is tremendous satisfaction in being able to go to Alaska, explore the local waters, and catch fish on your own.  Fish Baranof is a great outlet to go to for the ‘do it yourself’ kind of people out there. It’s comforting to know that you can simply show up in Sitka and be equipped with a reliable boat, first class gear, and tremendous customer service from my man Joel Martin.

Willie Bloomquist

It has been almost 7 months since my time on the water with Fish Baranof.  The time spent chasing salmon, halibut, and those tasty lings and rockfish, is vivid inbest Alaska fishing my memory.  I like to bait my own hook so this vacation was perfect.  The smell of salt, kelp, and fresh herring blend into the excitement of that first chrome and purple king salmon in the net!  It is sobering now to look into my freezer and note the dwindling supply of high-quality fish—no grocery store stinkers here, just as fresh as the ocean itself.  We had some great times at the dock processing our catch, recounting the experiences and sights of the day with our fellow anglers.  Talk about sleeping well at night, nothing but the best after a full day of doing what old salts love to do!  Thank you, Joel Martin, for your most excellent service, my experience with Fish Baranof brought memories for a lifetime.

Steve Lumsden, Angler Innovations

I highly recommend Fish Baranof. After a lifetime of fishing across the country, I was pleasantly surprised by this unique self-charter business in Sitka, Alaska. This is a great opportunity for fishermen who are comfortable navigating and fishing protected and near coastal ocean water without the assistance of a charter captain and crew. From start to finish, Joel was attentive and accommodating. We rented one of his boats for 3 days and Joel met us on the docks each day and made sure the boat was clean and ready to go. When we arrived he provided a thorough review of the boat and all the equipment, and provided a good overview of fishing areas. He made certain we had all the safety gear needed and his boats are equipped with excellent navigation and fish-finding electronics. Joel also arranged for convenient (vacuum packed & flash frozen) fish processing each day and there is a great restaurant and lodge at the end of the dock. All in all, one of the best fishing trips I have taken.

Bill Stephenson, Coeur d Alene, Idaho

best Alaska fishingFish Baranof is exceptional on every level for customer service! Regardless of the interests that inspire you to visit Sitka, this company offers the best opportunity to explore the waters with flexibility tailored to your priorities and interests. The fully-equipped skiffs they provide allow wildlife lovers passage to the sacred Sitka Sound to embark on the adventure of viewing the abundantly diverse wildlife inhabiting this picturesque corner of the world up close—be prepared for some incredible action! For the aspiring photographer, the skiffs provide a unique vantage point from the water to capture the breathtaking landscapes of the town, mountains, harbors, and Mt. Edgecumbe while also ensuring your equipment stays secure and dry within the warm cabin. For avid fishermen, like myself, they provide high quality fishing gear and generously share their knowledge and experience to help ensure that you’re successful in each of your ventures out on beautiful Sitka Sound. Having boat access in Sitka is a MUST to truly explore all this enchanting place has to offer. Joel Martin and his crew at Fish Baranof are the absolute BEST with ensuring your safety and maximizing your fun out on the water! Renting from Joel is an annual guarantee that my family and I will have another memorable visit to our beloved Sitka. Call and let them ‘hook’ you up today!

Johnnie Morris & Family