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Fishing Report: May 31-June 5

Alaska Fishing Report May 31 – June 5, 2021 This week’s Sitka, Alaska fishing report came from Austin Moser and Fish Alaska Editor George Krumm. The week was characterized by bad weather limiting most of the sportfishing fleet to inside waters on most days. Chinook angling was good for trollers in Salisbury Sound, especially on the flood tide. The Shark Hole, in particular, produced for anglers tolling Pro-Troll HotChip 11 Flashers and Silver Horde Coho Killer spoons in water from 55 to 80 feet deep, within 10 feet of the bottom. We know of one group of [...]

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Sitka Self Charters

Sitka Self Charters — What Makes the Difference? Wondering what makes Sitka self charters the right style for your Alaska adventure? Here are some of the reasons these DIY trips top the list of avid, boat-capable anglers plus some reviews from our customers. Fish the way you want. Bait your own hook. Call the shots. Have the boat to yourselves. Enjoy the privilege of non-charter bag limits. Meet the folks behind your Sitka self charter trip with Fish Baranof Joel Martin is the general manager for Fish Baranof boat rentals in [...]

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Best Alaska fishing

Best Alaska fishing is a designation given to Sitka by many annual saltwater anglers seeking outstanding king, halibut, lingcod, rockfish and silver salmon fishing. Our clients think Fish Baranof brings their guests the best Alaska fishing experience, especially tailored for the experienced angler who wants to captain their own boat, fish their way and take great care in their fish processing. Here are some reviews from our appreciated guests telling why they think Fish Baranof is the best Alaska fishing in Sitka and beyond. Best Alaska fishing Reviews From Our Customers There [...]

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Alaska saltwater fishing

Alaska Lingcod and Rockfish Alaska saltwater fishing in Sitka includes targeting lingcod and rockfish, as well as salmon and halibut. Both lingcod and rockfish are aggressive predators and can often be enticed to eat lures and bait. They yield white-meat fillets that are scrumptious. Many a Sitka-bound angler looks forward to a bounty of rockfish fillets to bring home for popular meals like fish tacos or fish and chips. Some anglers consider lingcod the best-eating saltwater fish in Alaska, even outpacing the uber-popular halibut. There are over 30 species of rockfish in the Alaska saltwater fishing world. [...]

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Alaska Halibut Fishing

Halibut Fishing Alaska halibut fishing is one of the premier saltwater angling opportunities in the Great Land. Pacific halibut are the largest of all the flatfish species and can grow to outrageously large proportions. An average halibut is about 25 pounds, but fish over 100 pounds are fairly common. Each halibut yields four white-meat, delicious fillets. Most anglers also harvest the two cheeks, one from each side of the fish. Halibut are apex predators and feed on salmon, herring, needlefish, octopus, squid, cod, crabs, greenling and just about anything they can fit in their  mouths. They sometimes [...]

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Alaska King Salmon Fishing

King Salmon Fishing Alaska king salmon fishing is on most anglers’ bucket lists when they come to Alaska on a fishing trip. Sitka is well-positioned midway up the Alaska panhandle, very close to the open waters of the North Pacific, and that makes it a prime location to intercept migrating king salmon. King salmon are the largest of the five Pacific salmon species native to North America and average about 20 pounds for a mature fish. Also referred to as Chinook, their rich, fatty meat is prized table fare. Their size and strength make them a highly [...]

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ADFG Sitka Area Regulations as of Spring 2023 ADFG sets fishing regulations for nearly all of the saltwater species in the waters around Sitka, while the federal government in conjunction with ADFG, sets the regulations for halibut. The regulations listed below are based on our current information; we suggest that you look at all fishing regulations at the time you are fishing to be apprised of current developments, special changes to regulations and possible closures. ADFG basic regulations can be found at ADFG.alaska.org. Follow the link to General Seasons and Bag Size Limits - Salt Waters. Here [...]


Sitka Boat Rentals

Sitka Boat Rentals One boat for four anglers maximum for self-guided fishing. Fishing gear and tackle for four anglers. 19' Hewescraft - $650.00 21' Hewescraft - $750.00 Book Online for 2024 2024 Availability: 19-Foot Hewescraft 2024 Availability: 21-Foot Hewescraft 2025 Availability: 19 and 21-Foot Hewescrafts Boat Rentals 2025 Availability Coming Soon. Email Joel for Available Dates. $500 non-refundable deposit is due at the time of booking. Customers must pay 50% of their reservation by [...]

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Sitka, Alaska Weather

Sitka weather is typical southeast Alaska weather, meaning its wetter, typically warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, than southcentral, interior or western Alaska. In an average year, 2/3 of the days are rainy, with an average annual rainfall of about 83 inches. Average snowfall is about 64 inches. Sitka weather would be considered on the cold side for the lower 48 but is pretty mild by  Alaska standards. In January, the average high is about 35℉, while the average low is a balmy 30℉. In August, the warmest month of the year in Sitka, [...]

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