ADFG Sitka Area Regulations as of Spring 2023 ADFG sets fishing regulations for nearly all of the saltwater species in the waters around Sitka, while the federal government in conjunction with ADFG, sets the regulations for halibut. The regulations listed below are based on our current information; we suggest that you look at all fishing regulations at the time you are fishing to be apprised of current developments, special changes to regulations and possible closures. ADFG basic regulations can be found at Follow the link to General Seasons and Bag Size Limits - Salt Waters. Here [...]


Sitka, Alaska Weather

Sitka weather is typical southeast Alaska weather, meaning its wetter, typically warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, than southcentral, interior or western Alaska. In an average year, 2/3 of the days are rainy, with an average annual rainfall of about 83 inches. Average snowfall is about 64 inches. Sitka weather would be considered on the cold side for the lower 48 but is pretty mild by  Alaska standards. In January, the average high is about 35℉, while the average low is a balmy 30℉. In August, the warmest month of the year in Sitka, [...]

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